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Starting A Business

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The services that will be offered are hand car washes, interior cleaning, and detailing. The hand car wash will use, state of the art spot free water and lint free cloths to dry the vehicles. The hand car wash will demonstrate quality work at an unbeatable price. The second service, interior detailing will include vacuuming of the carpet, seats, and floor mats. The hand car wash and interior cleaning will be offered as a package deal at the time of purchase. Detailing will be a separate service offered to those clients with specific needs. The detailing will include waxing the vehicle, shampooing the interior, and cleaning all of the interior dash components. The detailing will be based on the request of the customer.

The business will be built on a partnership. Clean Car will be owned by my brother and me. We both will fund the business personally, because we have saved money through our personal work. In the past 10 years, we were both able to save $20,000 each. We decided on funding the business ourselves, because we do not want to owe a financial institution. This is an unconventional method of financing, but we decided that it was in our best interest. The total cost from start the business, and to keep it running for the first 30 days, is about $22,000.

In terms of managing the business operations, we decided we will each work at Clean Car. The business will be closed on Sundays and regular holidays. I will work Mon-Wed, and then Vic will work from Thursday- Saturday. The business will employ full-time and part- time workers. In the summer months, we will hire more part-time employees because a lot of young adults will be looking for work. Hiring part-time employees helps to keep the cost down, because benefits will not have to be paid. In the slow season, we will just employ our full time workers. The wages of the employees will vary, but overall they will make more than the standard minimum wage level.

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