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Special Education

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Educational Report

Name: Anonymous Date: 10/3/05

D:O:B : 10/18/03 Examiner:

C.A. 1.11 (23 months)


Anyonmous is a 23-month-old boy who comes from an English speaking family. He has no siblings. He was evaluated due to concerns regarding his speech and language skills. He was the product of a vaginal delivery with no significant medical history. Although, he did stop breathing at 3 days old and was hospitalized for 5 days. He weighed 8 lbs. 3 ozs. at birth. His motor milestones were achieved at age expectancy or earlier.


The Mullen Scales of Early Learning (MSEL) (AGS Edition 1995) provides normative scales for physical, cognitive and speech development.

The Hawaii Early Learning Profile (HELP) Strands is a checklist for assessing, planning and monitoring the progress of children.

Clinical Observation


Anyonmous was tested within his home environment in an area free from distraction. Present throughout the exam was his mother and father who were extremely helpful in providing any necessary information regarding Anyonmous's development. Anonymous was happy, displaying a sweet disposition with this examiner. He easily warmed-up and began interacting. During the evaluation, Anonymous made some vocalizations, however, few words were heard. Anonymous was cooperative and attentive. He attempted all of the tasks presented to him. Anyonoumoust's eye contact and relatedness were good. He was very happy and smiled often through testing.


Mullen Scales of Early Learning (MSEL):

Results T-Scores/S.D. % Tile Age Equivalent

I. Gross Motor: 58 79 27 months

II. Visual Reception: 53 62 25 months

III. Fine Motor: 44 27 22 months

Summary of Results:

Gross motor skills reveal that Anonymous is functioning at an age equivalent of about 27 months and is in the 79th percentile. Anonymous was able to kick a ball, run, throw a ball underhand, and roll to his side to get up from his back. He easily walked up and down stairs, using non-alternating feet. He is jumping with two feet off the floor and from a step. He was able to walk on a line and does squat in play. Anonymous enjoys gross motor tasks and proves to be successful at them.

Visual Reception (cognitive) skills prove Anonymous to be at 25 months and in the 62nd percentile. Anonymous enjoyed looking for cars hidden under a washcloth and looking at books for a short period. Anonymous was successful at discriminating forms on a board, nesting cups and looking for toys covered and then displaced. He enjoyed sorting and matching objects. He had some difficulty matching shapes and pictures.

Anyonoumoust's fine motor skills show him to be functioning at 22 months, which is in the 27th percentile. Anonymous successfully took blocks in and out



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