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Software Developing Method: Extreme Programming

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Software Developing Method: Extreme Programming

After analyzing and evaluating the team members; knowledge and experience programming with C++, and members programming strength and weakness we have agreed to use an Agile method of program development.

After getting to know the different Agile metrologies we concluded that Extreme Programming practices and principles would be the one that will fit the best our team experience, strength, weakness and attributes.

Other reason why Extreme Programming was chosen as the Agile method to develop the new version of the well known "Pong Game" (this new version will be written on C++) was because its values and popularity among programming aficionados.

This doesn't strictly means that XP is the best Agile method, but it means that its values and principle are more appealing to young programmers. XP emphasize on technical excellence by using refactoring and test-first programming.

Extreme Programming doesn't have complex rules and it doesn't try to give specifications on how to respond to every instance were problems are found; instead promotes community, simplicity, courage and feedback. These are the four values that are promoted by Extreme Programming, if these values aren't found in the team or organization the project will eventually fail.

The remake Pong would be a perfect scenario where we can get into and practice all values and principles of Extreme Programming. Communication is one of the basic principles of XP, by keeping continues communication between the team member we can learn and build the program the way that it was indented to be. Feedback is one of the principles and would essential for the team to learn and improve the project from each feedback. By having for programmer working in the same project it is a big advantage because each member can learn from the different point of view and experience of the other.

By testing the project constantly would save a lot time and resources. One of the biggest problems by using other programming methods is that it takes so long and most of the times programmer end up working in the project all over again.

Extreme Programming refreshes the way that software development is been done for years;



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