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Sociology Outcome / Essay

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The experience of being young has changed in many ways from generation to generation particularly over the past fifty years. Society is a major factor of this dramatic change.

Current examples are:

Technology -Mp3 players, computers, mobile phones, Internet, games etc

These things and more have contributed to the way young people experience being young particularly mobile phones and the internet, these forms of communication have dramatically had an impact on the way young people go about their daily lives.

Health issues particularly Obesity is becoming a lot more common between youths as technology advances rapidly youths seem to be less aware of their health status and usually get lazy. Obesity is a major problem and affects youths from around the globe.

Fashion has had a very big impact on youths the latest trends are released by manufacturers such as Industrie, politix and other popular brands.

Female fashion models who present these and other trends are usually underweight individuals promoting the look to youths. As new trends are released a more slim and skinny figure is what is desired and youths idolise these figures and usually mimic them aswell. In some cases this results in anorexia and other types of illnesses.


The social lives of young people have been reshaped over the past fifty years, some of the factors contributing to this change are the forms of communication that are now widely used. Compared to fifty years ago logging on to the internet would be non-existent.

Mobiles have had a very big impact also. The familiar walk to a friends house is now easily avoided by just a phone call. If someone was to be running late the common way to advise comeone would be a phone call.

Due to less social activities today, young people are less active and more likely to suffer from health issues such as weight control. See question 1 for more information.

Compared to fifty ears ago there is a lot more for young people to do. Going out has become more common for young people. Places they may go include the city, being one of the most popular attractions for youths , it has become a lot safer over the past fifty years. Increased police patrol and even police quarters are now set up at some train stations.


Broad new legal rules and laws have changed and reshaped the lives of young people. The introduction of maternity leave at workplaces has given young mothers a chance to keep their job whereas fifty years ago a pregnant mother would be immediately relieved of their position.

Also new legal rules at workplaces now allows the employers to sack employees on the spot should they not turn up for work. These and many other new laws and rules have reshaped society and young people.


Economics have played a big part in reshaping young peoples lives, the introduction of youth allowances and other government paid benefits for youths is just a few of the ways it has reshaped the lives of many young girls and guys. The transport system also contributes to this change such as rising ticket prices and concession fares.

Young people who have just obtained their drivers license are also being affected by the dramatic increase in oil and petrol prices. The unemployment rate is another issue for youths being compared to fifty years ago unemployment has become much more common. Youths are usually required to complete a certain amount of studies to improve their chances of employment.

Cultural Damages

Youths are always prone to cultural damages, compared to fifty years ago cultural damage was very uncommon. Currently more and more youths are being affected by discrimination and racism. After September 11th discrimination and racism towards youths of ethnic (Arabic) decent is now commonly amongst young groups.

Youths these days also tend to be seen more or so in groups rather than by themselves. Groups from ethnic, European, and English decent are usually what is seen in most places and private as well as public schools. Cultural damage is a major factor affecting and reshaping the lives of youths this must be addressed and action must be taken



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