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Social Theory

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[1] Calvinism can be seen to have provided the initiating force for capitalism in as much as the effects of Calvinism that originated in theology reflect the spirit for capitalism (the drive for economic success).

[2] Ownership and control through capitalism

[3] Mark uses exploitation and oppression of the working classes (proletariat). as a means for exercising control by manipulation the situation.

[4] Weber uses bureaucratic organization as a means for exercising control by calculated acts of influence.

[5] Abolition of control and capitalists that cannot exist without wage-workers would create a Utopian Socialism where superstition, injustice, privilege, oppression, were to be superseded by equality


[1] Marx explained social phenomena in primarily economic terms (necessary to survive)

[2] Weber Explained social phenomena in cultural terms.

[3] Mark Focussed on group rather than individual action (trade unions, workplace organizations).

[4] Weber focused

on individual social action and interaction

[5] For Marx the key influences of motivation are greed, alienation, exploitation, labour/manager distinction

[6] Weber see motivation as a function of technical problems to be overcome

[7] Marx suggests that religion provides justification for the status quo and relief for suffering in the material world.

[8] Weber suggests that religion directs its followers to gain salvation by doing 'good works' and 'hard work' in the material world.



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