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Social Media Management Company

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Social Media Management Company

Social Media Management

        Social media is important in use of communication throughout today’s establishments.  There are many social media programs that allow organizations to deliver communication to possible consumers, stakeholders and the public.  “It is essential for leaders to integrate these technologies and seek the best way to use social media and networks to the advantage of the business” (Billington, 2012, p. 1).  Business owners find that keeping up with current technology developments is critical in having a economical benefit in the market place and having a stern set of standards and strategy is important in adapting to social media developments.  With small business organizations, social media is important in spreading information on who the company is and what they do.  Also as a business-to-business sales and marketing company, spreading the word is important in increasing customers and potential employees.  Ucok (2014) uses research and experiments to prove how social media is essential to marketing.  These policies were essential in Ucok’s research, resulting in higher response with marketing campaigns proving “the importance of social media in marketing strategy and communication” (Ucock, 2014, p. 95).

        Programs such as Facebook and Twitter allow users to access company information, photos and employees as well as ask questions and express personal experiences with the company.  It also allows possible employees to understand the atmosphere of the organization and gain a deeper and more personal understanding than a website.  However, with social media, it is important to not over share company information, which can lead to “implications for data protection and privacy and that companies should develop a privacy framework in their relationships with their customers and their customers and their data” (The Business of influence, 2012, p. 439).  

        As important as it is to spread the word of a small company, having social media channels can also aid in the ease of negative feedback.  Those that have had a bad occurrence with the company can easily sit behind a computer and post negative reviews of a company reaching thousands, even if the information is not true, costing the company money and new customers.

        With business-to business sales, it is important for sales employees to exploit social media to know and understand their customer base, “From an operational perspective, new technologies are often adopted early in the sales organization as the sales force attempts to use technology for a two-fold-goal.  One goal is to conduct their activities more quickly, thus increasing their efficiency, and the other is to know more about their customers and be more effective in managing customer relationships” (Schultz, Schwepker Jr & Good, 2012, p. 175).  The use of social media with sales can also help express and define products with channels such as YouTube.  Social media channels also help gauge customer response and helpfulness.  The best social media practice that employees can use for business-to business sales is reoccurring, briefly adaptive and responsive behavior though various channels.  Using ample sources of programs and conducting research on potential customers will assist in reaching the most amounts of people.

        Social media is also important for networking, “many are turning to sites like Facebook, Twitter and a growing number of more specifically tailored sites to find jobs, get questions answered, and connect with people who share professional interests” (Thilmany, 2013, p.41).  There are many different reasons and uses for these types of sites and can help expand relationships beyond professional use.  With a highly aggressive market, it is important for sales employees to stay connected and updated through these sites.  However, it is also important for employees to keep relationships sensible and innocent so that they do not put the company at jeopardy or danger for lawsuits such as sexual harassment or even racketeering.  Having company procedures and policy will protect employees as well as the organization from avoidable crises.

        Several companies have fallen victim to preventable social media mistakes that should have and could have been prevented with a proper and efficient social media strategy.  As explained by Kelly (2013), “To avoid disputes over social media account ownership, companies that have an extensive social media presence should consider clarifying, in written agreements with employees, the rights and duties of the company and employees with respect to social media accounts” (p.72).  The following strategy is best implemented for companies like small, business-to business sales organization:

  1. Understanding Personal Contribution:  Having employees understand their role is important in executing a common message that is effective and efficient.
  2. Having a Common Goal:  It is important in creating a common strategy that each employee has a common communication goal.  Employees should understand the purpose behind social media communication to help get the best common point across.
  3. Understanding Company Mission, Values and Brand:  Knowing important common ground information is important so that employees do not provide “conflicting messages across platforms” (Kuenn, 2014).
  4. Understanding your Audience:  Employees should know who would be receiving your message.  Conducting research and having a common understanding on whom the receivers will be and understanding communication style and language style of the audience will create a better-received message.  
  5. Plan a Reoccurring-Posting Schedule:  Having a set schedule so that employees know how often to post will provide employees ample amount of time to plan their message and ensure their message is grammatically correct and does not conflict any interests.
  6. Measurable Results:  Having a way to measure results and feedback of message is pertinent so that the company knows how to improve their messages and channels.

        Having a common understanding that is written and communicated to each employee involved is important in the effectiveness of communication in the workplace.  Social media is always changing and the importance of being quick to adapt is substantial.  Remembering to include the input of those included in the social media utilization will also help stay innovative in an ever-changing communication technological world.

        With the various types of social media platforms it is important to utilize a common strategy and plan.  Social media has numerous benefits for companies, however there are many setbacks that come along with the technology.  Keeping up with current social media trends will help keep an innovative trend in the communication-centered world.  Social media is here to stay and evolve so it is important to stay ahead of trends while being aware of company standards and strategies.  



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