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Social Media, Fun but Is Too Much Healthy?

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Essay Preview: Social Media, Fun but Is Too Much Healthy?

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 Jackih Collier

ENC 1101

November 28th

Ms. Adams

Social Media, Fun but Is Too Much Healthy?

        Over the past few years, social media has gained much popularity with people all around the world mostly teens. While may teens enjoy spending a lot of their free time on social media it can cause teens to have an unhealthy mental state.  Social media cause teens to have depression, anxiety, and a lack of communication skills.

        Social media causes depression because it encourages social comparison and it can become very addictive. The encourage of social comparison causes depression because while on social media you only get to see the side of people “living their best life” or someone’s “highlight reel” of their life; according to the “Clinical Psychology” this may cause the viewer to become or feel depressed.  This is big for teens because teens seem to focus on everything under a microscope on social media instead realizing the true meaning of happiness and that everything is not always “sunshine and flowers”. Being addicted to social media can also lead to depression because when becoming addicted to social media teens seem to neglect things that are important such as homework, real life relationships, and even just relaxing without social media.  When teens begin to neglect these things, they begin to feel that they have failed which can cause them to become depressed.

        Social media causes anxiety because of the compare and discouragement and the fear of missing out. Compare and discouragement from social media causes anxiety because when people see others having fun on social media compared to them doing nothing it can lead to a short term of anxiety. This can also cause the feeling of needing to be perfect compared to something that you see on social media which can cause social anxiety.  The fear of missing out due to social media can also cause anxiety because when people see pictures of events and places that they weren’t invited to or that they missed out on they can get the feeling of loneness and it can cause or worsen social anxiety.



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