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Snickers Commerical Case Study

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Essay Preview: Snickers Commerical Case Study

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Advertising assignment 

By: Amir 

Snickers Commerical 

 "you're not you when you're hungry"   

The Snicker's commercials concentrates on the message, "You're Not You When You're Hungry." This quote has turned into the fundamental trademark for Snickers, other than the way that everybody needs something to eat when they are eager and starving , this persuades the viewers that everybody can lose it at times. Everybody has times where they go insane, even getting to be something you are not . 

The objective of the "You're Not You When You're Hungry" battle was to restore Snickers' position as a remedi for "hunger on the go" therefore to regain mass advance through promotions that both men and ladies of any age could identify. 

As Snickers had created a business "You're Not You When You're Hungry" the item is that Snickers fulfills craving and is a remedi for symptons , for example, crankiness and weakness so that their consumers can remain at the highest point of their amusement , as it was demonstrated on television commercial when the coach was furious because he was hungry and once he had a Snickers bar he was ready to win a football game , which they did.  

I found this ad on a commerical break, the midpoint of watching the super bowl. The ad caught my attention because I was too focused to the football game and they suddenly went to commercial break. Snickers company are really smart because they paid a lot of money so their commercial was played on the super bowl, therefore there are many viewers watching the super bowl. 

The gathering of people that Snickers is attempting to target is huge. The promotions and advertisements engage men, ladies, elderly, and kids. Snickers try to snatches the crowd by utilization of setting, illustrations, and and their colorful themes.   

Snickers uses integrated advertising communications to contact most extreme group of viewers through popular media channels.  

The motivation behind the TV advertisements are to make something so memorable, that the item can get into the customer's long term memories.  

Snickers big idea was to be the first thought the purchaser have when they're eager and on the go. Snickers dont just want there product to be a chocolate bar, but also a satisfying meal replacement when hungry. They want their audience to never have that feeling that " this chocolate bar is old", they want their product to always be satisfying and enjoyable to all.  




Coca Cola 

"Factory" commercial  

Coke is an item which has been around for over a century along these lines the message is that spreading satisfaction and joy among the coke's consumers. Its about the burst of delight, and refreshment you get with each taste. 



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