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Should There Be a Tax on Junk Food?

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Becoming a Child’s Welfare Social Worker

Who does not like to be a help to people? The thought of helping others cope in certain and past situations is a job many pursue. There are multiple jobs one can pursue to accomplish such tasks; however, a major one would be the field of Social Work. Social workers specifically focus on the idea of helping individuals in need. There are multiple areas of social work one can pursue, but the branch focused on in this paper will be a child’s welfare social worker. A person desiring to become a child welfare social worker should consider the different requirements for the career, the typical tasks of the career, and the possible benefits of the career.

First, if a person desires to become a child’s welfare social worker they need to consider the different requirements for the job. One requirement according to Ashley Miller (2018) states in her online article “The Job Description of a Child Welfare Social Worker” that “Child welfare social workers usually need a minimum of a bachelor's degree in social work, or BSW, although sometimes, they may have undergraduate degrees in related fields like psychology or sociology.” A solid educational background is important because it teaches one to be able to know and understand the way people work and how to deal with them. Ashley (2018) explains another requirement to consider for this field when she writes, “You should be resilient and able to handle high levels of stress and emotionally volatile or difficult situations.” In this field of work, difficult situations will arise. As a professional, it is important to react and to respond correctly in every circumstance in order to help the client cope in a healthy way. These requirements ensure one has a based knowledge on how to professionally handle clients with their specific needs.

Second, a person desiring to become a child's welfare social Worker should consider the different tasks for the career. One task according to The British Journal of Social Work, Volume 48, (Pages 449, 467) (30 May 2017) states, “ In the course of their work, the social workers in this study are regularly confronted with vulnerable children, youth and parents, but, unlike their colleagues eleven years earlier, only a quarter of them mention giving advice and support as being a part of their job.” Another task according to Bureau of Labor Statistics,(October 05, 2018), also states, “Child and family social workers protect vulnerable children and help families in need of assistance. They help families find housing or services, such as childcare, or apply for benefits, such as food stamps. They intervene when children are in danger of neglect or abuse. Some help arrange adoptions, locate foster families, or work to reunite families.” A child welfare’s social worker’s main focus is to help children; however, that means they will also have to deal with the child’s guardians. For example, one may deal with a situation where the guardians of a child are abusive and neglecting the care of the child; in this case, action is required. One will most likely have to intervene and move the child into a safer environment. Before removing a child, a social worker will assess the situation and decide what course of action to take such as foster care, adoption, or counselling to create a solution to better the situation. In cases where the family is struggling with finances and is not able to acquire the daily necessities, a social worker will have to collaborate with the government and find a way to



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