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Should Computer Software Be "open" or “free”?

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Essay Preview: Should Computer Software Be "open" or “free”?

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In the digital age, it’s becoming increasingly clear that computer software should be open source for many reasons such as public and author benefits, efficiency, quality and customizability.

An open source software is essential for public benefits and economic wealth reasons. It contributes the economic system as a classic example of a competitive market. The original programmer publishes the source code along with the software itself. Purchasers and imitators enhance the market competition with the seller (programmer) by selling the same software for a lower price.

Though the business might loss profits from the monopoly power he could have had, there are numerous other benefits that are even more valuable. For example, the programmer real goal and benefit from writing down a software is receiving recognition in his field. This way financial payments increase for the expertise he demonstrates through his published product. Purchasers of copies of software programs will also have a demand for services and will naturally prefer to hire the creators of the programs who developed specialized expertise through the process of writing the software, which is not so easily matched by imitators. Hence, as we can see from the market, innovation can thrive in a market without traditional intellectual property.

Another advantages that such software holds are efficiency, quality and customizability. The actual duplication of copies is quick and inexpensive, therefore it’s helping other great minds to reduce their time and costs when producing new ideas with a more efficient process. Moreover, it is likely that most of the bugs will be revealed and get fixed immediately because more users try and test the software’s code than the limited developer staff. Also, since the code is open, it's really simple change the software functionality to suit your needs.

In conclusion, there are enough incentives that point that software should be



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