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Sexual Harassment

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Sexual harassment in the workplace is a very big problem today. It is a problem that hasn't really drawn much attention until now. More and more sexual harassment cases have been brought up today than ever before. We here about a harassment case in the papers almost everyday. Sexual harassment has even drawn attention to movies. One movie that has drawn its most recent attention to sexual harassment is "In the Company ofMen".

In the movie, sexual harassment draws its attention to the workplace. The workplace is a very common area for harassment to occur. In some cases we might not know that it is even taking place. What is sexual harassment? The dictionary definition of sexual is relating to, having or involving sex. The dictionary definition of harassment is to annoy persistently. The definition of sexual harassment then is to persistently annoy someone through the use of sexual tactics.

The movie Disclosure portrays an act of sexual harassment in the workplace. It involves a male and a female. In this case the male is the person who is sexually harassed. In the movie the male character Michael Douglas is sexually harassed by the Female character Demi Moore. The two characters used to share a very sexual relationship at one time. The two split up and did not here from each other in a long time. Demi than shows up at the job where Michael works. She is Michael's boss.

Demi calls Michael into her office one night to go over a few things a bout work. She than asks Michael to rub her back. Taking it as a friendly gesture Michael returns the favor. The back rubbing is taken a little bit further leading to other sexual advances. After feeling uncomfortable Michael shouts no, no, no and pushes Demi away. He then leaves the building and heads home.

Since they had past relationships Demi felt that Michael would



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