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Sexual Harassment & Violence

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Mental/ emotional or physical pain resulted by disagreeable sexual advancement, requests for sexual favor, sexual comments or any form of verbal / physical sexual activity that hurts the personality or integrity is called sexual harassment.

Sexual harassment/ violence in a workplace/ home are not normal but common. Her exposure to the world as individual personality has initiated her to earn her own identity. She likes to live her own and expects right to get respect. Her willingness for own identity has revolutionized the social structure. An educated woman open to the society is no more dependent to her husband or family. Now she is in the offices/ business/ education etc; for her prospects. She feels equal to man in all the fields and works side by side. Is her achievement and lessen for all oppressed women of our society.

Society and its men and women are responsible but men and the society are to be accused more. Women are projected as subject and property; means to humiliate society or individual, woman of that society is raped. Raping women of defeated county is reward to winning army. To pay back for non cooperation or resistance; is to rape her. This sort of mentality is developed in most communities resulting sexual harassment and violence.

Women and men work together in one place and by mistake or deliberately get attracted to each other. Two opposite sexes are attraction to each other (excluding blood relation) become part of their dream. Tendency of man to love every beautiful woman working with, as biologically men are more active sexually, desire to associate enchants within to attain by hook or crook. The "by crook" is sexual harassment. Penetration of social obligations in the mind developed it as offensive act, prevents human kind. Most control due to social bindings but some are unable. Who are in "unable" category don't care law, what they care is only act for craving.

Social structure is such that woman has to remain behind the curtain. For woman don't sit there, walk there, talk there etc; lack of understanding of woman's role in nature prevents woman from equality with men. The more we conceal the more awful feeling moves up in the mind to commit offences. Lack in educational systems and Unequal rights from society; results humiliations. Men are considered as super most so even in working place women have to face discrimination. Men can not stand women overpowering their ego so such incidences take place. In modern world even women's conduct (dresses, sexy look, sexy talk, nearness approach



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