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Benson Blanc


As a marketing director of a luxury car manufacturer the factors that I would consider in building a customized BPI for evaluating market for future dealerships are incomes of households, households with householder 35 to 64 years old, and the sale of the automobile. Each factor shows important points towards evaluating market for future dealerships. For instance, incomes of households if a dealership is in market where it shows that the salary of the targeted consumer is decreasing due to an event the occurred this can be harmful towards the dealerships. What a dealership can to offset the situation is begin to sell lower priced automobiles or pre-owned luxury car to cater to the market. As for households with householder 35 to 64 years old it shows that most consumer that purchase luxury cars are between the ages of 35 to 64.

Finally, the sale of the automobile.


Since lifestyles market analyst is a printed source of information that analyzes several lifestyle categories such as. Marketers of boats can use the lifestyle market analyst in many ways. For instance, lifestyle market analyst profile of boating enthusiasts reveals that they also enjoy scuba diving snow skiing, recreation vehicles, vacation property and fishing, but they have little interest in devotional reading or needlework. This information gives the market a more in-depth idea of the targeted consumer personality allowing the marketer to better tap into the buying power of the targeted consumer. Any ad or promotion developed should use some aspect of scuba diving snow skiing, recreation vehicles, and etc in order to gain more interest in the ad or promotion from the targeted consumer. An idea that comes to mind is, if a marketer was to create a magazine ad for boats pictures



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