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Athletes And Sex

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We Will Make Sure You Attend Here

While in high school a good friend of mine started all four years on the basketball team. He was named All State his senior, and helped lead our team to the regional championship. Ryan averaged almost nineteen points a game, made over seventy-five percent of his three-pointers and shot over ninety percent from the free-throw line. He was no question the best player my high school has ever produced. He was offered numerous scholarships and finally chose to attend Bellarmine. A year passed and he wasn't happy with the way the school was treating him by the lack of playing time he was receiving, so he transferred to Cincinnati Bible College to pursue the ministry. Also, Cincinnati Bible was going to give him a full scholarship to play basketball for their team. Two years into Cincinnati Bible, Ryan realized he wasn't going to get the education he needed to fulfill his hopes of becoming a minister, so once again; he looked to transfer to another college where his expectations could be meet. By this time I was attending Asbury and having to take loan after loan out in order to stay there. I spoke to Ryan that summer and he told me that he had a large interest in attending Asbury, I encouraged him, I thought it would be fun to play ball with Ryan again, and maybe he was the missing piece we needed to win more games. As it turns out, I ended up transferring back to Northern this semester, and the idea of playing with him again was put on hold. But Ryan's thoughts of attending Asbury hadn't. A few weeks before the fall`02 semester began, Ryan met with Adler, the coach of our basketball team at Asbury, and Adler told him, "Don't worry about your grades, as long as you put the points up, we will take care of your money." Once again, an athlete is having doors opened for him that any ordinary person can't have opened.

This really bothers me when I see people having special treatment only because of his ability to perform a sport. I know Ryan is my friend, but I loved that school and still have hopes of going back, but now that I know they are willing to help an athlete



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