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Sex Story

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Do you want a sexually transmitted disease? Do you want to drop out of school? Do you want to get pregnant when you're a teenager? Didn't think so! Well what would your parents do if they found out you had a sexually transmitted disease? Is having sex worth changing the rest of your life? Sexually transmitted diseases can do that. 25 % of kids will have a sexually transmitted disease before they graduate. 8 out of 10 pregnancies are unplanned. Wait until marriage to have sex.

Having babies now days are expensive . Chances are the young teen mother won't even have a job. Without a job how do they expect to pay for the diapers and food? The average cost for food and diapers is about $2,000 a year! That's not even including anything else like doctor bills or clothes. 3,000 teenager get pregnant every year. 44% of them get pregnant before they are even 20. 19% of girls under 18 are already sexually experienced. In most cases the child is given up for adoption for financial reasons.

Girls who get pregnant have the excuse of peer pressure. I can understand that they want to seem cool or popular. They do what there friends tell them to. One girl said "Well I didn't think it would hurt anything" or "It was just one time". Like the old saying goes if your friend told you to jump off a bridge would you?

Peer pressure may be the reason in most case but there are ways to deal with it. If you ever feel pressured into doi8ng something you know is wrong then seek help. You could talk to a counselor and let them know what is going on. You could even talk to an adult you trust.

When your a teenager you don't want a kid. Most teenage pregnancies are unexpected and unwanted. Giving the kid up for adoption isn't fair for the child they didn't ask to be born. If you go to school people will make fun of you and sooner or later



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