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Selena Gomez Swot Report

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Essay Preview: Selena Gomez Swot Report

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Selena Gomez SWOT Report

Prepared for

Dr. Andrea Rogers

LMC 3403

Georgia Institute of Technology

North Avenue NW

Atlanta, GA 30332

Prepared by

Meryl Tench

Scheller College of Business 2018

Georgia Institute of Technology

October 19, 2017

Executive Summary

In order to create a larger audience and grow her existing fan base, this report will analyze the Selena Gomez’s current brand within the music industry and recommend strategic methods for continued growth. Within this report, we will communicate insights into Gomez’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats to her personal brand and within her music genre/industry. My research and recommendations will give you manageable steps to successfully impact and improve Gomez’s relationship with her fan base and expand that fan base in the future.

To achieve this goal, we recommend Gomez take the following actions:

  1. Implement album launch social media strategy to retain and grow the existing fan base
  • Establish release date and created countdown to instill excitement in audiences
  • Use tagging and hashtag features to expand presence on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter
  • Although Gomez is recovering from a kidney transplant, her marketing team can share social media campaigns through her accounts
  1. Improved social media strategy that is consistent and more personable
  • Take advantage of the fact that she has the most followers out of all Instagram users, and relate to as many of those followers as possible
  • Utilize pathos with fans and followers by sharing more casual, everyday moments to appear more relatable
  • Post multiple times per week with a more evenly distributed personal, collaborative, and promotion posts
  1. Expand audience by performing collaborations with top artists outside of direct competition
  • Perform a duo with Bruno Mars to attract both audiences
  • Associate or collaborate with older artists with vocal emphasis to attract older audiences


Purpose & Scope

Selena Gomez is a successful American artist and actress who began her career at a very young age and has since continued to grow into music scene and other outlets. After starting her first acting role on “Barney and Friends,” Gomez transitioned to teen audiences by starring in “Wizards of Waverly Place” on Disney Channel.

This report will identify and assess Selena Gomez’s central characteristics to her brand and public image, as well as the ways in which her brand are conveyed and recommendations for how it could be strengthened and improved. Specifically, Gomez’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats will all be discussed within this paper. Although Selena began her career at a very young age, this report will analyze Selena’s brand influences starting at her Disney Channel debut and into present day.


These recommendations in this report assume that Selena Gomez will be releasing a new album within the next few months based on her single releases in the summer of 2017. This report also assumes that Gomez’s current health in regards to her Lupus is in good standing.


The information gathered for this report comes from online primary and secondary sources. Gomez’s official website was the best source for current news. Discography, official website of Selena Gomez, Selena Gomez VEVO, Selena Gomez music,


The suggestions and information gathered for this report was limited to my sources described in the ‘Methods’ sections. WEwas also unable to travel and meet with Selena Gomez to gather her personal opinion and willingness.


We will be using a SWOT Analysis technique where we will disclose Gomez’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

SWOT Report


Selena Gomez is a successful and popular singer, actress, and philanthropist who focuses heavily on the causes that mean the most to her and her fans. In today’s world of the media obsessed public, Gomez manages to portray herself as a graceful, self-aware, informed, and positive personality. TIME’s magazine clearly supports this statement because Gomez was featured in September among many other leaders as one of TIME’s Women Who Are Changing The World. Gomez’s music talent is shown through the success of her gold and platinum albums, but her passions and personal brand outside of her discography is where she differentiates herself from other artists in the same genre. Through genuine friendships, brand collaborations, and philanthropy, Gomez fans not only come from a wider horizon, but they also consider Gomez more relatable and cared for. For example, the Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez friendship is one that is commonly known that audience members from both artists are able to publicly see. Both artists openly support each other which allows the two artists to potentially share audiences. In addition to Gomez’s other star-packed friend list such as Francia Raisa and Vanessa Hudgins, she also is also openly and extremely close to her friends and family they are not in the limelight. Gomez rarely uses her Instagram for non-business related posts, but when she does, they are generally pictures of her friends and family. On a similar note to social media, Gomez has participated in a number of brand collaborations including Pantene, Louis Vuitton, Coca-Cola, Adidas and now recently Coach handbags and Puma. In addition to brand collaborations, Selena has done vocal collaborations with Charlie Puth, Gucci, Zedd, A$AP Rocky, and many others. Each of these collaborations allows Gomez to expand her audience as well as associate herself with a product or person she believes in. Lastly, Gomez is also extremely passionate toward many social causes which also attributes to her TIME’s magazine award.  Gomez is involved with UNICEF, Lupus awareness, voting activism, and her executive production of hit Netflix show, 13 Reasons Why showing the importance of mental health and the difficult topic of suicide. While Gomez’s philanthropic actions are undoubtedly beneficial to the causes themselves, these actions also appeal to her personal brand as a self-aware, informed, and positive personality. Overall, Gomez is an artist who shows genuine concern and gratitude for her fans and serves as a role model as to how much of an impact you can make whether you are famous or not.



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