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Science Fair Report For Guitar Pics

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Essay Preview: Science Fair Report For Guitar Pics

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The purpose of my project is to find out if the thickness of a guitar pick affects the pitch of the guitar. The reason I am doing this is because I think it will be nice to know since I do play guitar and I can use the picks that sound the best.

First I would have all ten people sit down in the band room and I would pick up the electric guitar and put it on. I would now get the thin pick and play the same song. Then I would get the Medium Pick and play a song and then I would get the Heavy pick and play a song. Then I would get the acoustic guitar and do the same. Finally I would ask the students which music sounded the best and count them and write it down on my chart then I would be finished.

For the first guitar more people liked the first pick the best. (Fender Thin) For the second guitar more people liked the second pick. (Fender Medium) This means that the thinner picks sound the best.


The Illinois Junior Academy of Science

SAFETY AND THE STUDENT: Experimentation or research may involve an element of risk or injury to the student and to others. Recognition of such hazards and provision for adequate control measures are the joint responsibilities of the student and the sponsor. Some of the more common risks encountered in research are those of electrical shock, infection from pathogenic organisms, uncontrolled reactions, incompatible chemicals, eye injury from materials or procedures, and fire in apparatus or work area. Countering these hazards and others with suitable controls is an integral part of good scientific research.

In the space below, list the principal hazards associated with your project, if any, and what specific measures you have used as safeguards. Be sure to read the entire section in the Policy and Procedure Manual of the Illinois Junior Academy of Science entitled "SAFETY GUIDELINES FOR EXPERIMENTATION' before completing this form.

STUDENT SIGNATURE______________________________________________________________________

SPONSOR SIGNATURE______________________________________________________________________


The Illinois Junior Academy of Science


Students and sponsors doing a human vertebrate project must complete this form. The signature of the student or students and the sponsor indicates that the project was done within these rules and regulations. Failure to comply with these rules will mean the disqualification of the project at the state level. This form must follow the safety sheet in the project paper.

1. Humans must not be subjected to treatments that are considered hazardous and that could result in undue stress, injury, or death to the subject.

2. No cultures involving humans, (mouth, throat, skin, or otherwise) will be allowed. However, cultures obtained from reputable biological suppliers or research facilities are suitable for student use.

3. Quantities of food and non-alcohol beverages are limited to normal serving amounts or less. Normal serving amounts must be substantiated with reliable documentation. This documentation must be attached to the Humans as Test Subjects Endorsement form. 4. No project may use over-the-counter or prescription drugs or any other chemical agents in order to measure their effect on a person.

5. The only human blood that may be used is that which is either purchased or obtained from a blood bank, hospital, or laboratory. No blood may be drawn by any person or from any person specifically for a science project. This rule does not preclude a student making use of data collected from blood tests not made exclusively for a science project.

6. Projects that involve exercise and its effect on pulse, respiration rate, blood pressure, and so on are allowed provided the exercise is not carried to the extreme. Electrical stimulation is not permitted.

7. A valid, normal physical examination must be on file for each test subject. Documentation of same must be attached to the Humans as Test Subjects Endorsement form.

8. Projects that involve learning, ESP, motivation, hearing, vision and surveys require the Humans as Test Subjects form.

In this space, briefly describe the use of humans in your project.

Eighth grade students are going to tell me which guitar pick sounds the best

The signatures of the student and sponsor below indicate that the project conforms to the above rules of the Illinois Junior Academy of Science.

Student Signature_________________________________________________________________

Sponsor Signature_________________________________________________________________

Table of Contents

Pg. 1 Abstract

Pg. 2 Safety Sheet

Pg. 3 Humans as Test Subjects Endorsement

Pg. 4 Title Page

Pg. 5 Acknowledgements

Pg. 6 Table of Contents

Pg. 7 Purpose and Hypothesis

Pg. 8-12 Review of Literature

Pg. 13 Materials

Pg. 14 Procedure

Pg. 15 Results paragraph

Pg. 16 Results



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