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Science And Description

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In the past ten years there have been many significant advancesin the world of science. The five that i'm going to write about are cell phones,computers,ultra sound,battery operated cars, and video games.

I remember the first cell phonesthat were made. They were about as big as my dad's shoe,and weighed as much as a brick. That was just the phone itself. Along with the phone, there was the battery pack you had to carry around with you. this all came in a case with a huge strap. The buttons on the phone were about the size of a land phones buttons. Looking back the phones looked prehistoric. If I remember right, there were only about two or three compomies that sold these phones. The only people that really used these phones in the beginning

were people who worked for or owned construction companies. They were not in the main stream of things. They were to big and bulky for most people to deal with.

Now days, everyone has a cell phone. Well maybe not everyone, my grand mother who is ninety five doesn't

have one. But I have some kindergartners that bring a cell phone to school. so mom and dad can keep track of them. When you watch the cars on the street go by, just about every car will have at least one person using

a cell phone.

The cell phone has gotten so small that it is about the size of a womans compact. They come in all kinds of sizes and shapes.



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