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Schooling Vs Education

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Schooling vs. Education--The Battle Continues

Mark Twain did indeed say the words, "I never let my schooling interfere with my education," but what exactly does that mean? One cannot simply put a definition on these words--it's not in Webster's--there is no definition. One can however, conform this statement to his/her own thoughts, and when we, as human beings, do so, numerous meanings are derived, which causes for multiple explanations and infinite interpretations.

There is a vital difference between schooling and education, as Twain believed. This vital difference sometimes goes unrecognized, which creates the battle between the two. The battle is this: many people allow schooling to interfere with education, so many people are trying to slide through school with just a way ignoring the education part. Obviously this cannot work if one desires to be successful and knowledgeable in life.

Schooling is "the big picture." Schooling includes everything that a typical student does throughout his school career--more or less, it's a routine: getting up; going to school; sitting through class; writing notes; sending text messages; eating lunch; doing homework; going to football games; screaming at basketball games; cheering the team on; going to prom; going to parties--all these school-related activities, and everything that is a triggered action of being at school is schooling.

Education is the "hands on" part of schooling or the "serious" part. It is the application of the things one is taught and the things one has learned. This is where many students go astray. It is simply not enough to go through school with just schooling, allowing education to be swept under the rug. There has to be some median, a place where the two come together and are balanced. When this happens, the battle ends, and the triumph to a successful and intellectual life begins.

I can confidently say that I have won the battle. I am similar to Twain in that I am able to differentiate between schooling and education, and I don't let my schooling interfere with my education for that reason. I know that in order to be successful in life, there must be a balance between schooling and education, and I maintain that balance--my "routine" has its "serious" moments. I know that applying what I have learned to real world situations and problems will get me further than just going along for the ride. I go through school with my routine, but my routine isn't quite enough to get me where I want to be in life. For this reason, I must apply my knowledge and use it to my full capacity; I must be taught and learn from being taught, not only learn, but also use the principle of learning and apply it--that my friend, is education that has not been interfered with



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