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Two Key Stages of Education - High School Vs University

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Essay Preview: Two Key Stages of Education - High School Vs University

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Education is an inevitable part of life. The two most important stages of education are high school and university. They are two different levels of education, where high school is compulsory for everyone, but it is voluntary to study university. Why and where are they different from another? Let’s take a deep look into their similarities and differences by three main factors, responsibility, ways of learning, and the level of stress.

Firstly, responsibility, this is probably the most important thing in your university life. When students are studying in high school, the responsibility is being separate to school and parents. Teachers are responsible to remind students about the due date of assignment and test, and parents will guide them to set priorities. However, once students get into university, it is all their responsibility to balance and make decisions on their own. Usually, if a student in secondary school is absent, the teacher will give him or her with information that he or she missed. But in university, lecturers expect students to get notes and information from their classmates in the class they missed. Time management is another big deal. Students’ time is structured by other in high school. On the other hand, They have to manage their own time in university. In high school, classes are fixed, students only have to go from one class to another directly, while in university, they may have to wait hours before the next class start as their class time varies. Unlike secondary school students, who can rely on teachers and parents for help, university student have to solve the problems that they are facing by themselves.

Secondly, another huge change that many students may face during their transition between secondary school and university will be the way of learning. In high school, teachers have been trained in their teaching skills to help students. However, in university, professors have been trained as experts in their own area of research. Therefore, their ways of teaching are night and day. High school teachers focus on your attendance and homework, while university’s professor doesn’t pay much attention to it, which actually link back to the first point about responsibility. High school’s teachers mainly follow the content in the textbooks and write down key points on the board for the student to copy in their notes. Yet, professors don’t always follow textbook nor summarize main points, students are required to understand the lesson and make their own notes. The ways of asking questions varies as well, teachers in high school assist the student during classes or approach



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