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School Uniforms

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School Uniforms

​The first students recorded wearing uniforms may have been in 1222. These students were forced to wear robes called “cappa clausas.” School uniforms like the ones today originally came from 16th century England when “charity children” wore blue cloaks that looked like the cassocks the clergy wore on their yellow stockings (Mike Gatto).49 percent of the public schools in the united states have school uniforms as of 2014. Although many schools have adopted the school uniform policy, school uniforms take away students’ individuality, it cost more for the uniforms, it increases the chance of being bullied, and school uniforms violate the first amendment.

​ First, school uniforms take away students individuality in many ways. Before the mid-80s school uniforms were mainly worn by private school students. Public schools began adopting the uniform idea in the late 80s (Julia Rubin).When schools force students to wear certain clothes to school, students are learning to be the same as everyone around them. From kindergarten up, students are told to be themselves but are forced to be like everyone else. Without being able to express individuality the students will not want to go be at school and have no motivation to learn. Putting restrictions on student’s freedom to express themselves also might cause rebellious activities in students as well. They might feel controlled and begin to try to go against the rules. Also, students are losing the self-expression they need. Some scientists say that expressing individuality is the most important way for people to connect, navigate, and grow (Judith E. Glaser). Most students find similar interests and likes immediately on sight. If one student is wearing a shirt that resembles what another student likes, they will already have a subject in common. When students have control over what they can wear they feel confidence when certain decisions in life. They can grow and learn what they prefer to wear and represent.

​Additionally, the uniforms can get too expensive for poorer families who have no other school option. Typical school wardrobe including five outfits can cost about $600 (Edward Lee). Not only can some families not afford the over priced uniforms, but some schools send students home if they do not wear the right clothing or shoes. One parent in a study said: “My oldest daughter, they sent her home and they said she was not allowed to come back until she had the correct shoes. So then I had to write a letter to say that we will be able to get some in a week or so, I did not have any money for new shoes.”

Next, if a student can not afford a new uniform used ones can be purchased, but some times they can get bullied for not having a new uniform. Bullies are smart and will just find another way to torture others. Owning the best phone, owning the most games at home, taking the biggest family vacation, or even having better body features. Clothes are one obvious symbol but there are a lot of other obvious ways for them to do it. Bullying is a big problem



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