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School Uniforms

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I believe all schools should require students to wear uniforms for a number of reasons. The first reason being that it would eliminate the ever-changing dress code. Also, it could help eliminate the judging of people on what they wore. Besides the benefits for the students and staff, uniforms will also help students' family's save money by buying fewer clothes.

Being able to eliminate a dress code would help schools in many ways. By having a uniform the school administration wouldn't have to disrupt class to deal with students who violate the dress code. Therefore, students wouldn't have to miss class because they wore something on the list. This would eliminate one disruption of class time, leading to better focus on education. A school uniform would also lead to fewer students being late for the start of school. Instead of getting up and having to search for the perfect sea foam color of the day, students could put on their uniforms and come straight to school. Also, while in class more students would be able to focus on the class work instead of what Billy Bob's shirt says.

A serious problem in schools is that some students feel left out. This could lead to many different endings. When meeting a new person before you even learn their personality, you see what they look like and what they are wearing. School is the major social place of young students and at a young age they will meet hundreds of kids for the first time. Uniforms could eliminate that initial judgement of the person based on what they are wearing. Students can tell the difference between the person who wears the old rugged shirt with holes in it and the person who wears the American Eagle polo. Uniforms would take the social class system out of schools because everyone would look the same and be equal.

Every summer before school resumes, students rush out to get the latest fashion designs in clothes. According to the 2000 census 5.1 billion dollars



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