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School Case Study

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Essay Preview: School Case Study

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Tutorial class (1)

1. The organization: Secondary school.

2. managerial scenarios:

i. It is a secondary school.

ii. It examine 3 disciplines: (Science, commerce, & art).

iii. There are three levels for each major.

iv. Number on classes for science major is (18), for commerce is (30), & for art is (12).

v. The school has one library, one cafeteria, & one sport lounge.

vi. Free transportation is offered for the students.

vii. Number of staff teachers is 80.

viii. The school has 5 labs; one for physics, one for biology, & the other 3 are computer labs.

ix. The school has theatre &

x. The school has a small parking area.

3. The problem: because ministry of education has a plan of the closure of Al-Hura secondary school, it has moved all first-level students to study in our school, what caused the parents, teachers & students dissatisfaction. And the problems are:

пÑ"ј Lack of equipped classes.

пÑ"ј Lack of transportation in some areas.

пÑ"ј More qualified teachers are needed.

пÑ"ј Lack of changing rooms in the sport lounge.

пÑ"ј Lack of parking for the teachers.

пÑ"ј Lack of the quantity of food provided in the cafeteria.

4. using SWOT for developing the school facilities: two lists for SWOT analysis have been set; one is positive & the other one is negative:

пÑ"ј some strengths & opportunities (positive):

i. Large unused area in the school that can be used.

ii. Good cooperation between the school management & the education team.

iii. Availability of a development plan.

iv. Excellent communication with the students to find out the problems & deficiencies.

пÑ"ј Some limitations & challenges (negative):

i. The budget is limited.

ii. He developments costs are high.

iii. The development need long period of time.

iv. The absence of some teachers for health reasons.

v. The school is waiting for the ministry permission to start applying the plan.

5. Define the problem: the problem is an unstructured problem that the school faces for the first time that occur because of environmental reasons mainly and some other system factors.

6. managerial variables:

пÑ"ј decision



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