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Sasa Hong Kong International Holdings Limited - Strategic Management Plan

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Essay Preview: Sasa Hong Kong International Holdings Limited - Strategic Management Plan

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Background Information

SASA Hong Kong International Holdings Limited is the biggest as well as the leading retailing cosmetics and beauty care service group in Asia.  Launched in Hong Kong in 1978, the SASA cosmetics store has enjoyed massive success over the years resulting in the opening of subsequent outlets in Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, Shanghai, Mainland and China (SASA 2018). As an investment holding company, SASA Holdings is involves in the retail and wholesale selling of beauty and cosmetic products with about 280 retails stores and approximately 600 brands which are inclusive of skin care, fragrances, body care, hair-care and health supplements (SASA 2018). SASA Holdings is also involved in the provision of services like brand building, distribution and promotion (SASA 2018). SASA International Holdings’ vision is to maintain its position as the leading beauty and cosmetics retail group in all of Asia while its mission is to offer quality and all-inclusive beauty solutions to its clients while building long-term partnerships with its suppliers.

Basic information on SASA Hong Kong International Holdings:


Cosmetics and beauty industry


Chai Wan, Hong Kong

Geographic Coverage

Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia, China and Malaysia


HK $8.9 billion (2015)


Skin care, make-up, fragrances, body care products, hair care and health supplements


Bonjour Holdings Limited,


SWOT and PESTLE Analysis of SASA International Holdings, Hong Kong

Identifying the internal and external factors that have an impact on the high performance of SASA International Holdings is critical in drawing its strategic management plan.  It is critical for SASA International Holdings to consider its macro and micro environmental factors so as to continue enjoying the success it has been enjoying over the years.  Therefore, two methods will be used to review the business operation of SASA international Holding so as to help capitalize on its success and to minimize on its weaknesses. The PESTLE analysis is critical in analysing the external factors affecting the company whereas the SWOT analysis is critical in analysing the internal factors affecting the performance of SASA International Holdings.

SWOT Analysis

SWOT analysis is the most popular and basic analytical tool used in identifying the internal strengths and challenges of an organization.  It helps in presenting the strengths as well as the external available opportunities available for an organization.  Additionally, it also helps in identifying the weaknesses and threats available thus enabling the managers to foresee and eliminate the threats, to work on their weaknesses and to grab all opportunities so as to effectively run the organization.


The strength aspect of SASA International Holdings SWOT analysis recognizes the main organizational strengths that have enabled the organization to counter the threats in its operational environment. Withstanding threats is critical since these threats affect and reduce overall business performance. In the case of SASA International Holdings below are its notable strengths:

Strong Brand Image

SASA International Holdings is the leading and largest retailing cosmetics and beauty care brand in all of Asia. As a result it has a large market and is able to introduce new and profitable on merit of its strong brand image in Asia (SASA 2018). Additionally, its strong brand image has been associated with a wide range of products thus attracting a high customer base (SASA 2018).

Innovative and diverse products

One of the main strengths of SASA International Holdings has been its innovative and product brand line.  SASA International Holdings has introduced a large range of beauty and cosmetics products that total to about 600 different brands.  As opposed to specializing on only one brand, SASA International Holdings is associated with diverse beauty and cosmetics brands like skin care, make-up, fragrances, hair care, body care products and health supplements. Its innovative and diverse products have attracted a large customer base that loves the different products. In short, SASA Holdings is a one-stop beauty and cosmetics that every women desires.

Large Distribution

SASA International Holdings has about 280 own stores across six countries. Besides these stores, SASA Holdings also sells its products through its online e-commerce platform and other premium retail stores (SASA 2018).  Additionally, its relationship with its vendors is perfect and its sales professionals offer quality services, thus establishing the many retail outlets in Asia together with an online presence that offers online shopping services. Therefore, the concentration of SASA International Holdings on its sales and service distribution is simply legendary (SASA 2018).

Quality Products

SASA International Holdings applies global sourcing and purchasing capabilities to obtain high quality products while buying in bulk to boost its bargaining power.  Its outstanding relationship with its vendors ensures that every brand sold is of genuine and great quality and in tip-top condition. Additionally, SASA International Holdings offers generous discounts to its customers thus offering value for its products (SASA 2018).

Strong management team

SASA International Holdings has maintained a high customer base as well as success as a result of its strong managing team (SASA 2018). In addition to having an extensive experience in the beauty industry experience and a defined business focus, SASA Holdings is supported by a strong management team and well thought-out corporate strategies. All these factors combined have made it possible for SASA International Holdings to effectively penetrate into diverse locations (SASA 2018).



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