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Samsung Vs. Apple

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Essay Preview: Samsung Vs. Apple

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Samsung vs. Apple

Smart phones. The center of our universe. With their ability to provide us with instant communication, television, email, social media, news, and a great deal more, an epidemic has broken out. Over the last decade, smartphone companies, such as Samsung and Apple, have worked together to create something transforming to our society. iphones and Androids have taken over our world. The two companies combined make a ton of money. With two successful and competitive companies, the question arises, which phone is better? While Samsung is doing well in the industry, Apple has dominated the game.

Apple iphones are a lot easier and faster to use. The app store on the iphone vs. Android has an immense difference. The iphone has exceeded Android’s app store by seventy five thousand apps. Iphones are also updated more often than Androids. While using the apps, Iphones are faster. Apple is notorious for what apps they allow to be purchased on the app store. While Apples control many seem to tight, it prevents cases of people publishing fake apps. With all this information Apple wins in this category.

Living in a society that is so technology based, I’ve learned an important truth. Phones break all the time. No matter if you have a 1990’s flip phone, smart phone, or home phone, they are always breaking. Apple has stores all around the world, where you can get a trained specialist to fix your phone. There is no equivalent to the Samsung side. You can get support from the company you bought your phone from, but you can’t be sure if they are trained in fixing Samsung phones.

Apple iphones have an outstanding camera. With social media pressuring everyone to be picture perfect, iphones fit that criteria. The camera on Iphones is significantly clearer, faster, has two cameras, and different filters. All Android has to offer is similar to a disposable camera you get from Walgreens.




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