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Sample English Linguistics Research Paper

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Current Political Scenario in Pakistan

Since March 2007, the tensions in Pakistan have witnessed a significant rising trend. We have seen increased political uncertainty along with the militants’ highest suicide attacks, Benazir Bhutto’s ruthless assassination and Pakistan’ being as probably the most dangerous nation of the world focused in the Times Magazine.

If we have a brief overview of Pakistan’s political history we will observe a lack of political stability in all these years with frequent military rules as our destiny and the country has been plunged into problems one after the other without any real solution and progress. Every military rule was marked with dictatorship, concentration of power, not really law and order conditions prevailing etc. Especially if we analyze General Pervez Musharraf’s regime we will come to a conclusion of more crimes, typical bureaucracy, destruction of political parties etc. We have been swinging between the democratic rule and the military dictatorship coupled with an unstable relationship with our neighboring countries which has already deprived us of our one half in 1971. From the year 1988- 1999, there was a power alternation in the governments of Benazir Bhutto and Nawaz Sharif and neither of them could complete their full term as the Prime Minister although these governments were the symbol of people’s government through their choice and finally in 1999, we witnessed another military coup that has completed it’s two illegal terms as the Presidency of Pakistan.

However, looking at the past few months after the death of Benazir Bhutto, although delayed but elections were held successfully and to a surprise in the parliamentary elections of February 18 2008, largely accepted as free and fair after a long military rule of 9 years the so-called King’s party was defeated and PPP and PML-N emerged as the new leader parties elected by the public. Since PPP could not emerge as the only ruling party and so had to make an alliance with PML-N to form a coalition government although there are different issues that need to be addressed before the government formation. The PML-N is also insisting on the re-instatement of the sacked Chief Justice and other 59 judges since this was the sensitive issue that had brought PML-N



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