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Same Sex Couples To Adopt

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I am against a same-sex couple to adopt a child. The bill states that homosexual couple will be given the right to adopt a child in order to provide a home. I don't think the people that let this bill pass to the next hearing thought about the multiple traumas that the child could not and should not have in their life. If a child is adopted into a same-sex marriage the child is more likely to grow up in a world where people will make fun of the child. Children that are raised in such a house hold will forever believe that same-sex marriage is okay, when in reality it isn't and is frowned upon. A same-sex couple is only hurting the child rather than give them a better life in which the bill will try to do. The United States already let some states to allow same-sex marriage. We can't give them the opportunity to adopt children. The bill says that couples that adopt will give the children a loving home, that isn't enough, they have to grow up knowing what's right and wrong. In a same-sex home they will more than likely grow up confused, not knowing who takes the father role and who takes the mother role. Children raised by gay parents are offered only one partnership model and are therefore more likely to be homosexual. People have to think about the long term side effects. Around the world there will be religious affects. God made a man and a woman to pro-create together not for gays to just go and get a child from an orphanage or sperm bank. I am not discriminating against homosexual people around the world. I am thinking about the childs psychological trauma that they will have to endure throughout their life. There are studies that show that people that choose to be homosexual have different mentalities in their home and in their lifestyle that cannot compare and should not involve children.



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