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Saint Teresa

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My favorite is St. Teresa of Availa who I the patron saint of people in need of grace. Such as sickly people, those who have loss their parents, and laecworkers. I chose her as my favorite saint because her childhood self reminds me of my present day self, and here's why. She was born March 28, 1515, as a sickly baby. She was a Spanish noble, the daughter of Don Alonso Sanchez de Cepeda and Doсa Beatriz.

She grew up reading the lives of the saints, and playing in the garden.She hated killing small animals even if it was for food. She was, as a child, considered very similar to a modern day "treehugger". She was homeschooled because of her illnesses,

She had a series of flus, that at that time was much more serious because they didn't have the medicine we have now. When she was 12 her mother died, and she turned to Mary as a sort of replacement Mother.At the age of 17 she wanted to become a nun, but her strict father was opposed to it. So she ran away from home, and finally her family consented.

Soon after she joined her order she became siclkly yet again.She came down with malaria, and also had a rather ghastly series of ceserzes. Though her own life seemed a bit ptiful, she always took ptiy and tried to help others. She never really fully recovered from her illnesses, but that was because they didn't have the right medicinal supplies back then.

She thought her house, the Carmelite house, was strict enough so she later on joined the convent of John the Availa. There she spent the rest of her days in happiness, She was canonized on March 12 1622,but was proclaimed a doctrine of the churchon September 27, 1920.



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