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Mother Teresa

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Choose the two sections of Mother Tesresa's book that stuck out most, and explain

why they made an impact on you.

This book was so informative that it is so hard to pick only two parts that impacted me the most. If I have to choose only two the first would be Chapter Eight, " The Poor and Rich in Love." As Mother Theresa makes so many points in this section. The stories she tells about bringing the dying off the streets to die in peace. This is so touching that these missionaries devote their lives to the poor. They choose to be poor, and Mother Theresa talks about they choose to be poor to really understand and feel what these poor people are experiencing. The stories she tells of bringing dying people in from the streets and how they die so peacefully and have a last change to really feel that there is a God before passing away, this is very touching. There are poor people all over the world and these sisters have devoted their lives to the poor and choose to be poor themselves. Which Mother Teresa says she feels is important, this way they can understand these people and do work for Jesus. In several sections she speaks of dying people who are so happy that they have been brought to a wonderful peaceful place to die. They get to believe in God again before passing away. They actually are smiling as they die, with someone who cares at there side. After leaving on the streets for years and no one wanting them, how peaceful it must be to die with a missionary by your side, someone who cares and understands your pain.

Many of these stories brought tears to my eyes. I never really knew what these missionaries do, and it just fills my heart that there are people in the world that devote their lives to taking care of the homeless, feeding the starving, and helping the dying. Where would our world be without these people? It is sad to even think about what the world would be like without the sisters around to help all the people they do. It touches my heart to know that these people are devoted through Jesus. On judgement day we all know that God will welcome these missionaries to heaven with open arms. They devote their lives to do the work of Jesus, for these are some of the most wonderful people on this earth.

The other topic I felt was interesting in the book, is when Mother Teresa speaks of her thoughts and feelings on abortion. There are several sections in the book, where she talks about abortion. I do agree with Mother Teresa's points on abortion. We



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