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Romeo + Juliet: Movie Review

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Essay Preview: Romeo + Juliet: Movie Review

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Romeo + Juliet: Movie Review

Romeo + Juliet is a 1996 American film and a modernization of William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. It was directed by Baz Luhrmann and screen played by Craig Pearce. The film has Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes as the main characters. The other important characters are: Brian Dennehy as Romeo's father; Christina Pickles as Romeo's mother; Paul Sorvino as Juliet's father; Diane Venora as Juliet's mother; Miriam Margolyes as Juliet's nanny; John Leguizamo as Tybalt Capulet, Juliet's cousin; Dash Mihok as Benvolio Montague, Romeo's cousin and Pete Postlethwaite as Father Lawrence. The film is 120 minutes long and it keeps the original Shakespearean dialogue.

The film shows Romeo falling in love with Juliet at a party at her house. They kiss each other in Juliet’s room (on the balcony) and at the pool as well. A day after the party, they secretly get married with the help of Juliet’s nanny and Father Lawrence. Both Romeo and Juliet hope that their marriage will end the hate between the two mafia families: the Capulets and Montagues. Sadly, Romeo kills Juliet’s cousin and gets banished from Verona Beach. Even though he is forbidden to come back, Romeo returns to meet Juliet and consummates their marriage. To help Juliet avoid an unwanted marriage arranged by her father, and escape with Romeo, Father Lawrence gives Juliet a potion that will fake her death. She takes it and falls into a coma-like sleep. However, when Romeo gets in the church, he sees her and believes she is dead. Romeo drinks a poison to die just as Juliet awakes. They share a moment where they look into each other's eyes and Romeo dies in Juliet's arms.  Juliet does not want to live with out him so she commits suicide. After this tragedy, the two families make peace.



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