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Romeo & Juliet Movie Review

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I thought the movie was very good at reciting the content of the book, except that there were a few key parts that were left out, such as the part where Romeo went to go see the apothecary. Also the movie was good at illustrating the action of the play while still having a very dramatic ending. This movie was about a girl and a boy who fall in love but are of different sides on the battlefield. These two are secretly wed and then Romeo kills one of his foes and is banished from the city where his love is. The two are now in jeopardy because Juliet's parents want her to marry County Paris. Juliet is enraged at this and drinks a potion to fake her own death. When young Romeo gets a drift of the word he immediately goes to his wife's vault. He finds her lifeless in the vault and poisons himself. Moments later she awakens from her forty-two hour slumber and strikes a dagger upon herself.

Throughout the duration of the movie the acting was very poor due to directing and special effects. The movie should have been longer to have, gone along better with the play, instead of cutting out many scenes, although there were spots in the play that dragged out very long; ex. The part where Romeo and Juliet were killing themselves in the Capulet vault. The characters weren't stereotypical because the characters were based upon people from the late 1500's. Surprisingly the actors for Romeo and Juliet were very good considering that it was one of their only films. Although the special effects were very poor I still thought the movie showed good action. Ex. The street brawl and when Romeo & Tybalt fought. I recommend this movie because it shows what two people will do for the love of one another. Overall I rate this movie with a generous three and a half stars.



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