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Role Play

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Engels Talk 4 week 3 roleplay 3 Business

R Hotel Fythe Castle, good morning, how may I help you?

G Good morning, this is John speaking from John accountants in London. I am planning to hold a 3-day conference in your hotel, also we need accommodation for 9 persons. What kind of business facilities are in your meeting rooms?

R Thank you for calling sir, we offer extensive meeting facilities such as; top-of-line audio-visual equipment, wireless internet, white board, flip chart, etc.

G Ok thank you, and what kind of meeting facilities are in the hotel rooms?

R All our rooms are luxuriously and comfortably furnished and equipped with everything the business traveller needs. The Hotel rooms boast wireless internet, direct dial telephone, desk and mini bar. Our executive suites also feature a trouser press.

G Can you describe the view of your hotel rooms and the executive suites?

R All of our rooms have splendid views. All our executive suites enjoy a extensive parkland and rolling hills, with beautifully landscaped gardens.

G That sounds great, Can I check availability for Sunday the 14th of October until the 17th of October. I would like 9 executive suites and one meeting room for all days.

R Of course sir, Let me just have a look in the computer and check availability for those dates. Yes, I do have 9 executive suites and a meeting room available for arrival on the 14th of October for a duration of three days.

G That sounds wonderful, what is the price for the executive hotel rooms and of one meeting room per day?

R I can offer you a rate of 125 pound per night including breakfast for the executive suites and I can offer you our ''Westminster'' meeting room for a rate of 400 pound per day.

G Very well then, is it possible to reserve the executive rooms and meeting room for those dates?

R Certainly sir, I can make a provisional reservation for you. However, we kindly ask



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