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Mac Approach Role Play

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Salesperson: Ms.___________?

Prospect: Yes

Salesperson: Hi, I'm Kacy Hintz representing M.A.C cosmetics. How's it going today?

Prospect: Good thank you & welcome

Salesperson: So while I was up front I noticed your Olympus fashion week set-up. Did you attend the event?

Prospect: Yeah well I actually was invited to work as a volunteer at the Official kick off party; I worked the media community at the front of the house.

Salesperson: Yes, the media lounge, had the opportunity to check that out. Were you able to attend any shows?

Prospect: I caught a few, pretty busy throughout the week.

Salesperson: Yeah for sure I did fashion forecasting for a while and it was always so crazy in the tents. Are you able to make it to the Toronto Fashion Week?

Prospect: No unfortunately not, that's when spring lines come through, but one of our top make-up artists was invited to sit in with some of the designers.

Salesperson: Well I am scheduled to be there with the MAC booth, maybe your artist would like to stop by. What's her name?

Prospect: Dominique Seghetti

Salesperson: Right on, I would love to speak wit her and have her stop in, maybe even do a demonstration.

Salesperson: While we're on that note, the reason I'm here today, ______, is to show you our new four coordinating eye shadows by internationally acclaimed actress Catherine Denueve. It's a limited edition spring collection called tribute, cool, collected, modern and elegant. This is a huge money saver, has an all new matte finish, and will bring a whole new face to the MAC spring line. New finishes, design, and packaging.

Salesperson: Our goal here is to increase you spring profits, now insure I do that to the best of my ability, would it be ok to ask some questions?

Prospect: Yeah that be fine




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