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Rites, Rituals, And Symbols Of Christianity

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Essay Preview: Rites, Rituals, And Symbols Of Christianity

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Rites, Rituals, and Symbols of Christianity

Rites in Christianity are also known as “Sacraments” or to the ceremonies connected with the sacraments. For instance, in Roman Catholicism, Anointing of the Sick is one of sacrament among three that is conducted to someone who is seriously sick or dying. The Second Vatican Council reserved the Anointing of the Sick for the one who is in instant danger of death. Traditionally it was called the last rites. Other sacraments that could be celebrated with the Anointing of the Sick included Penance and Eucharist. The term can even refers to an object of ceremonial traditions often emanating from a particular center. Examples are the Byzantine Rite, the Roman Rite, and the Sarum Rite. These rites often contain sub rites, like the Byzantine Rite has Greek, Russian, and other ethnically-based variants.

In religion, a ritual can constitute the assigned forms of performing, the believers of a specific attention within a religion or religious denomination. Generally, there are two types of rituals in Christianity:

1. 'Rites of Passage' is one of the foremost events in the live of Christian. Depending on the sect of religious denomination, these rituals vary. These include confirmation (in some churches), baptism, first communion (in the Roman Catholic Church), marriage rites and funeral rites. In few churches, other sacramental rituals are bestrewed like- confession or reconciliation, ordination, the last rites and so on.

2. Denominational and personal principles: This group of rituals is also important for people living in Christian faith. These rituals reflect the morals and practices within a particular familities and within the Church. This second group will happen more regularly than the first rituals, and will be practiced on a daily basis. The believers will see themselves wrapped up within these rituals more often.

In Christianity, the most important symbols for the Church are the sacraments. These rites are also called “outward signs and media of grace” in Roman Catholic System. In other words it means the symbol of spiritual change or the event that takes place. In communion, for instance, the bread and wine reflects symbolic meaning of the damaged body and blood shed of Jesus Christ. The Baptist rite refers to the symbolic meaning of the ablution of the sinners



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