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What are people doing when they say they are worshipping? Worship is the praise of God and one's beliefs. Worship is a set of actions that are set forth to proclaim how a person feels regarding God or any thing a person looks highly upon. There are many parts to worship. Some of these parts consist of rituals, symbolism and personal actions as well

When a person worships they must first decide what is important to them. Once this object or idea is determined then the next step is to setup a routine. A routine is steps that one feels show there feelings toward there God or Idol.

Worship is a major part of a human behavior called ritual studies. For something to be a ritual it must consist of a behavior, repetitive by nature, and it must be a social activity that benefits the community.

Every religion has customs that define it and keep it separate from all other religions. Many major religious groups share traditions and worship in similar ways. While some people have personal worship rituals, every person has a relationship with God. Any action taken to show feelings in this relationship is worship.

Worship is the actions one shows toward God. These actions can be done in a group or in an individual manner. As far as Christian worship is concerned all religions share similarities and differences. If a person is Christian they are worshiping God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Showing love to these three parts of the trinity, is what Christian worship is about. The Three major styles of Christian Worship are Roman Catholic, Orthodox and the Protestant religions. The differences show that worship takes many forms, even if the God is the same the form of Worship can differ



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