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Rise Above All Odds

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ÐŽoTrue heroism consists in being superior to the ills of life, in whatever shape they may challenge us to combat.ÐŽ± French emperor, NapolЁ¦on Bonaparte I, claimed that heroism defined a person who surmounted to any obstacle put in his way. In that case, the oppressed and conquered peoples throughout history can be considered heroesЎЄovercoming the reign of their oppressor. Heroism is not simply determined by its degree of bravery or intellect, but at the actions taken to make a change. In history and even through the present days, the oppressed seizes triumph and glorifies individual heroesЎЄknown for their selflessness and sense of righteousness.

In all the United States History classes, one of the paramount times studied is that of the Civil Rights Movement. It was a time of controversy, a time of freedom, a time of racial dignity and most importantly a time of unification. One of its most famous leaders, Martin Luther King Jr., symbolized the oppressed African Americans. Out of the masses, he stepped up with a righteous sense of wrongdoingЎЄtaking initiative and selflessly putting others before him. He promoted non-violence and racial equality. Not wishing for revenge, King did not boast every victory made, but focused on every challenge faced. Also, Rosa Parks, another well-known name during the movement, did not give up her seat on that bus; she set her beliefs firmly against segregation. Parks became an icon in American culture and left a legacy to exemplify other civil rights movements around the world. Even in times of turmoil, heroes are created among the oppressed and it is them who lead the people to triumph and success.

On June 30, 1997, Great Britain returned its colony of Hong Kong back to its Mother country, the PeopleЎЇs Republic of China. For over a century, British government denied even the most rudimentary forms of popular representation; it brutally suppressed attempts in any strikes or demonstrations. Naturally, Hong Kong protested over ChinaЎЇs plans to curb their political activity, calling it hypocritical in what China had guaranteed to them. Soon, however,



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