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Right, Or Wrong?

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The allegory of the cave written by the greek philosopher Plato, is a very sophisticated piece of work. it has many interpretations and menaings. After reading "The Allegory of the Cave", I clearly visualized the story.According to Plato, he says, At the time being, allow me to present a character that shows how enlightened and unenlightened our nature is. Observe! People living the den below, who opens its mouth infront of the light and surrounds the den; from here those people have become from their youth, and can't move because

their necks and legs are chained, their eyes see only what is infront of them, and are not allowed by the chains to turn their heads. A fire is beaming on top and behind them, between it and the people, a raised way and a wall like a screen, like what marrionette players look upon, where they show the puppets.( Plato, #514) Plato is saying that the prisoners have been chained since childhood inside a cave. Their heads are also chained, so that their eyes are fixed on a wall. Behind the pridoners is an enormous fire, and between the fire and the prisoners there is a raised walkway, where shapes of various objects are carried. The objects cast shadows on the wall, which pull the prisoners attention.The prisoners think the shadows are real, because

the shadows are the only reality they know, even though they are seeing merely shadows of images. And if the prisoner is released and turns around to see the fire, his eyes will be blinded. Similarly if he is released out of the cave and into the sunlight, he will be blinded and not be able to see anything. I'm going to relate this interpretation of the allegory of the cave to my experience of walking in my parents shadow. I was ignorant of the truth, and at some point preferred to look at the shadows of resentment.

Plato explained that the chains are representatives of our society and our outside influences. I was chained to my parents demands and i didn't know better, but to obey whatever they said. Most of the time they stop me from discussing or questioning anything. They always try to make me focus on to different things. In order for them to maintain power, they cannot have me question them or even defend myself. I found all this to be true, when they convinced me to get engaged to an older gentlemen. They never forced me directly to agree on the engagement to the gentlemen. But they convinced me in a forceful way. At the time I was convinced that this was all for my own good. I only understood what they explained to me. Unfortonately by them doing so, resulted in my weakness as an individual. An idividual with no say in anything. I did not know how to express myself, because I was never given a chance, or even allowed. Plato mentioned in his book, Once more you have forgotten,my friend, i spoke, the ambition of the lawmaker, who did not point at a certain group of people in the state to favor, the whole state was to be rejoiceful, and he persuaded the citizens by their necessities, being the ones to benefit from the state, which leads for them to benefit from one another; To this point he made them, which makes them please themselves, which makes them the ones who control the state. ( Plato, #520) I am the only one who can control my Iifeand find the light of my world. I was chained in my parents rules away from the truth. I was chained in my fear.

Six months after the engagement, I realized that this is not me. By questioning myself, I realized that I was blind to see the truth inside



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