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Right Ideas, Wrong Time

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Fareed Zakaria's article is about Bush's recent foreign policy with the countries in Latin America, his actions are being considered by Zakaria as, "too little, too late". He appeals to the reader by his immense amount of information about the foreign policies of previous presidencies in Latin American and the changes that it has gone through with Bush's administration. The author uses different rhetorical devices such as logos and word choice to persuade the reader about Bush's new foreign policies.

Throughout the article, the author only shows facts, about the previous presidencies. About what they have accomplished and how effective their policies were. Ronald Reagan "supported human rights, democracy and free trade in several countries". Bush is just now trying to support democracy in other countries; the free trade that Reagan was able to achieve for the United States, Bush damaged it by making countries in Central America sign the CAFTA agreement. Countries in Central America feel that the agreement was 'highly unfair' because it didn't open too many opportunities for them in the United States' businesses. All the presidencies before Bush have accomplished something good with the Latin American countries; the United States has just gotten too caught up with the war situation that it has forgotten about how those countries depended on her actions that it has caused some sentiments to arise in those regions against the United States and Bush.

The author's tone through some parts of the article is sympathetic. The title of the piece is "Right Ideas, Wrong Time", Zakaria points out that Bush's new decision is good for both the United States and the other countries but that he started acting on them in during a time where he has no support from either side. Zakaira also mentions that during Bush's presidency, he wasn't really in charge of what was happening with the Latin American countries, but that his senior officials, Roger Noriega and Otto Reich. The two senior officials are



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