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Richest Man In Babylon

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The Richest Man in Babylon

Author: George S. Clason

The Richest Man in Babylon is about a man named Arkad that found the way to become the richest man in all of Babylon. Arkad was a poor young man that dreamed of having great wealth as he became older. While working as a scribe, Arkad met a man named Algamish which told him the key element to becoming wealthy. Algamish told Arkad that "a part of what I earn is mine to keep." Algamish was telling Arkad that before buying the nice clothes and food and before other expenses, save ten percent of his earnings. Arkad took this advice and began to save his money. After saving some of his money Arkad invested his money in jewels through a brick layer. Algamish explained to Arkad that he had made a foolish mistake trusting a brick maker to buy jewels. Algamish stated that advice is free but make sure the advice is worth having. Once again Arkad saved his money up and once he had abundance, he spent it on fine foods and wine. Algamish once again returned to the shop to check on Arkad's finances. Once Algamish learned of Arkads new investment, he stated that if you eat the fruits of your seed then they can earn no money. Algamish stated that once you had an army of finances, then it was time to eat fine foods and drink fine wines. Once again Arkad started to save his money. This time around, Arkad took credible advice and made wise decisions. When Algamish returned to the shop as a much older man, he was very pleased to learn of the success Arkad was experiencing. Algamish told Arkad that his sons could never grasp the concept and that he would like for him to take over his fields. Arkad accepted the offer and began to do excellent work on the fields. After Algamish died, Arkad was left the fields and soon became the richest man in Babylon because of the wisdom passed down from Algamish.




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