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Richard Wagner

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1. Summary p. 3

§ What Is The Business

§ What Is The Market

§ Potential For Business

§ Forecast Profit Figures

§ How Much Money Is Needed

2. Business Structure p. 4

§ Ownership

§ Your Past Employment & Business Record & Achievements

§ Record Of Other People Working For You

§ Weaknesses In Your Management & How You Propose To Deal With Them

3. The Service p. 6

§ A Simple Description

§ Why The Service Is Unique

§ Brief Survey Of Competition

§ Service Development

§ Intellectual Rights Applied For

4. Marketing p. 8

§ The Market:

§ It's Size, It's Past & Future Growth

§ Analysis Of Market Into Sectors; Identification Of Sector Business Is Aimed At

§ Likely Customers; Who Are They, Type, Size, How They Buy

§ Selling:

§ Promotion, Advertising

§ Who Will Sell?

§ Pricing Structure

5. Operational Details p. 11

§ Where Based, Location

§ Suppliers

§ Equipment Needed

6. Financial Analysis p. 13

§ Monthly Profit/Loss 2yrs

§ Monthly Cashflow Forecast For 2yrs

§ Balance Sheet Forecast For 2yrs

§ The Assumptions Behind Your Forecasts

§ Principle Risks Which Could Affect Figures, Things Beyond Your Control

7. Prospects p. 14

§ Objectives - Short & Medium Term

§ The Finance Needed & What It Is For


What Is The Business:

Blue Label is a one-stop-shop for unsigned talent looking to release and promote short runs of their singles/EP's. We will organise everything from mastering, pressing and distributing, to get artists heard. The service we provide will act as a stepping-stone towards recording contracts, much like Daniel Beddingfield, Ms. Dynamite and Blazin' Squad have done in the past.

What Is The Market:

The markets blue label will be working within are the independent vinyl/CD pressing market and the independent distribution market. There are currently no businesses that cover both of these areas, however, the market for vinyl and CD cutting is growing as more and more people have the capability to record songs in home studios. We hope to capitalise on this by striking deals with pressing houses to get lower rates for the business we provide.

Potential For Business:

We think that by providing everything in one place, removing the consumer's need to find a good pressing house, then find their own distribution network, we will be able to appeal to many unsigned artists mainly within the UK garage, hip hop and other 'urban' areas. We will also be looking at working with small independent record labels in the 'urban' world, to handle pressing and distribution.

With the record industry continually looking at what's hot on the underground circuit, artists that have more exposure and more distribution will have a better chance of getting signed.

Forecast Profit Figures

1st year profit = Ј12,000

2nd year profit = Ј70,000

How Much Money Is Needed

Ј40,000 repayable over 5 years

Business Structure


Blue Label will be owned by me, Brendon Harding, acting as a sole trader. As the label expands there is a possibility of a partnership, either from within the business or from external parties, owning the label, but during these early stages I wish to maintain executive control over the businesses direction and movement.

Your Past Employment & Business Record & Achievements:

I have no previous business experience but I have worked in several different working environments, including; a small warehouse, a network support team and a local hairdressers. I have observed all of the people I have worked under in all my previous jobs and have learnt a great deal about management from them. I believe that although I have no previous business experience, I'm a good team leader and a fast learner and my abilities to adapt to new situations and circumstances will provide me with the necessary skills to manage this business.

Record Of Other People Working For You:

The work force will comprise four full-time employees:

1. "Me" - Owner/Manager/PR & Personal Sales (Ј19,000 p/a)

My responsibilities will include that of a personal sales executive, but not on the same scale. I will be overseeing the 'projects' currently in the works, whilst making sure that everybody is performing to the best of their abilities. I will also be looking into future development for the business and ways to increase revenue.

2. "The Fixer" - PR & Personal Sales Executive (Ј17,000 p/a)

He/She will be responsible for liasing with clients, making sure they are aware of the process going on and



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