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Richard Cory

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The Path of Discovery

Many people have difficulty figuring out what exactly they want to do in life, and with the current trends it seems as though many don't get their career choice right the first time. However, it was through my Guidance 47 class that I was able to carefully research and decide on a career that would hopefully lead me far away from what now seems to be the inevitable within society. Taking time to research has made me more confident to take the path that's right for my personality as well as interests.

Throughout the coarse of my Guidance 47 class, we encountered many different personality tests as well as activities, all of which were extremely useful. These tests, as well as activities helped me truly discover who I am, my interests, along with my skills. One of the things that I enjoyed most throughout the course was the group experience. Much of the time we as individuals have ideas of what we want out of life, yet we never outwardly express it. Having to communicate with our peers about what our interests were as well as goals in life offered each student a sense of reassurance, which was what many of the students needed. Having to speak out about what we wanted to do was the first and most important step we had to take toward discovering ourselves.

Throughout the course we were visited by a few of the representatives from the local universities. Having them come and speak about what each university offered the students was also an important factor throughout the course. Much of the student body is unaware of the opportunities as well as requirements needed to continue on to higher education. With the new knowledge received from advisors, we had a clear understanding of the steps and paths to success.

In addition to learning more about the steps toward higher education, we learned how to prepare for the workforce through skills in, communication, interviewing,



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