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Review: League of Legends World Championship Finals.

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Essay Preview: Review: League of Legends World Championship Finals.

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Review: League of Legends World Championship Finals.

I was lucky enough to be in Incheon, South Korea this year where I attended the grand finals of my favorite game League of Legend. This game is my favorite since 2011 and I knew that the ceremony would be one of the best in the world so I couldn’t miss it. Since it’s my favorite game I was sure it would live up to the extremely high expectations. Almost every day I watch some gameplays on Youtube and I’m impressed, how talented are those players who are able to play on the big scene.

Every year they think of something new to make opening. They create new music and almost every player of this game loves it. This year they made some K-Pop music. People hated it, but when they saw the ceremony everybody was shocked. The singers were famous and the song was one of the most watched video on Youtube. Everything was set really cool, I was amazed to watch all this in live. I was singing along but half of text is on Korean and it was hard to help it out. The ceremony opening was based on in game characters which were shown as real ones.

The technology has gone far. The show contained extremely beautiful dresses and costumes. Game developers introduced 3D characters, who could walk on the stage, sing along with singers and make the show more impressive. Every single movement was practiced because they transformed in game character on the stage and you didn’t need 3D glasses to watch it. These characters were made to dance on the scene which needs a really hard work of projectors, they could disappear and randomly appear on other part of the stage. The show also contained two other singers who couldn’t really sing really good in live, but the song on internet was really cool.

Highlight of the show was the moment when the unreal character walked in portal and show us the history of the game, from 2009 to 2018. I was shocked to see all of these on the scene. She was flying somewhere out of this world and she was trying to catch the cup. When she caught it she landed on stadium and disappeared. That was the moment when the players of finalist 2 team appeared.

Overall I would like to say that this game amazes me every time and I keep loving it more and more. If you like this game and have the opportunity to attend the ceremony you should do it. You will experience many things, for example: You will be able to see the best players of this game in real life and watch such amazing ceremony. If I have another chance to attend it, I won’t miss it.



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