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EB101-44 Ecommerce

WK#2-HW-Chpt. #1

1. Identify and explain the FIVE common E-commerce categories mentioned in the textbook (i.e. B2C). Please provide an example of a REAL-LIFE website for each one.

a. B2B - Business to Business - Firms that use the internet mainly to conduct business with other businesses. (i.e. - company that supports the buying and selling of beef and poultry among growers, ranchers, distributors and groceries)

b. B2C - Business to Consumer - Businesses using Internet to conduct business with consumers. (i.e. - clothing store that caters cloth for all ages through the net)

c. C2C - Consumer to Consumer - Business facilitates the exchange of data directly between individuals over the Internet. (i.e. - a real state site where owners of home/apartments post their properties for sale.)

d. B2E - Business to Employee - Businesses using the Internet to conduct business activities with their employees. (i.e. Human Resource area of a company)

e. B2G - Business to Government - Businesses sell goods or services to governments and government agencies. (i.e. - sells vehicles to the government for police force use)

2. Chapter #1: Review Question #1.

Describe 3 factors that would cost a company to continue doing business in traditional ways and avoid electronic commerce.

a. Sale/purchase of impulse items for immediate use - i.e. groceries.

b. Fraud - i.e. imputing credit card info on the net and being stolen by someone. (identity theft)

c. Sale/purchase of high value jewelry and antiques - afraid of being ripped off.

3. Chapter #1: Exercise #1. Please note: You can choose ANY product that you would like to purchase.(You do not have to use the home printer example).

You have decided to buy a new color laser printer for your home office. List specific activities that you must undertake as you gather information about printer capabilities and features. Use the CompUSA,, Office Depot, OfficeMax, and Stapples



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