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Few novels contain the political power that is found within the text of George OrwellЎЇs Nineteen Eighty-Four. Written shortly after the end of the Second World War, George Orwell, or Eric Blair, portrays for the reading public a chilling vision of what could have been and what could yet come to pass. A world divided in three, each state ruled by a totalitarian regime of its own, in perpetual war and peace with one another. A world in which a lie becomes the truth and then a lie once again depending on the convenience it serves those who created it in the first place. The novel, unlike the movie, is able to instill the prophetic like nature of the situation. A book which was written in 1949 and dictates events that are very like ones happening today. In the movie we see the destruction that the population faces day to day, but it fails to really show what George Orwell was trying to say. The most vital aspects of the book were to point out the absolute control exhibited by the government, WinstonЎЇs hope for a change signifying the hope of humanity, and Winston, thus, humanity, end up being beaten down. The movie, if one had not read the novel before hand, almost makes you believe that there actually might be something wrong with Winston. The most prevalent images in the movie are those of widespread destruction. It actually makes one feel as though Big Brother is protecting, not just watching. George OrwellЎЇs most important message was quite diluted in the film.



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