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Report on Industrial Attachment

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The initiators of CRRECENT have worked with children over the years in voluntary and official capacities and this brought them face to face with the reality of the needs children which were not being appropriately met by governmental and non-governmental institutions/organisations because of lack of understanding of the issues involved. This create within the initiators passion to contribute to building a well-integrated society that recognizes children in every sector and creates the necessary space and opportunity to respond to their developmental needs through research, evidence-based advocacy and social enterprise programmes.

CRRECENT took really off as a two-man active organization in 2007, though it was registered in 2004, from the living room of the initiators. The first major job undertaken by the organization was a desktop research work for Institute for Democratic Governance and the second inn that same year was a study for Save the Children ( West Africa Office in Senegal ) and a third was a study from World Vision International. The basic assets of the organization at that time were a dining table, second-hand laptop and an old Hp Printer that wasted about two-thirds of printing sheets each time documents had to be printed. A year later (2008) CRRECENT moved into a one-room office accommodation in Community 18 of Tema. In that same year the organization engaged its first employee, an assistant administrator. This assistant was however, dropped a year later due to inadequate capacity to meet growing challenges. In 2009 it became quite clear that CRRECENT’s work was very relevant to the development of children and youth in Ghana so far as research information for evidenced base advocacy was concerned. In 2011 February we moved into our present 4-room office accommodation on the Atomic Road, sharing premises with Fidelity Bank (Haatso Branch) when our work volume increased and staff strength also



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