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Report On Reading The Call Of Wild

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Report on reading THE CALL OF WILD

ÐŽ®The call of wildÐŽ± is a book about a dogЎЇs life. Buck is a very strong, clever and wild dog. He is the leading actor of the book. BuckЎЇs first owner was Mr. Miller. He lived a happy life. But one day, his life changed.

Manuel, who is a gardener, kidnapped Buck. He took Buck to the north. Then Buck became a sledge-dog. The cold weather, the fights, his dead friend Curly and many things made Buck knew the law of club and tooth. There was no fair. Only fight and war can help him. Finally, he had begun to master his new surroundings. His ability to conquer and his intelligence wondered everyone. He won his fight with Spitz and he became an excellent lead-dogЈ®

Buck liked memorizing. He liked to lie by the fire, looking at the burning wood. Sometimes he thought about Mr. Miller's house in CaliforniaЈ®More often he remembered the man in the red coat and his club, the death of Curly, the fight with Spitz, and the good things that he had eaten. But sometimes he remembered other things. These were things that he remembered through his parents, and all the dogs which had lived before him. He listened to the some special voice of wild.

Buck and his team were sold once more. His new owner Hal believed that dogs are lazy, and they must be whipped. While Mercedes, the other owner, CharlesЎЇ wife, insist that Hal be nice to the poor dogs. She believed that those dogs were just tired not lazy, and they need a rest. And as they lacked dog food, Hal had to give the dogs less food. This made it impossible for the dogs to travel fast. Buck and the other dogs were now just skin and bone because they were too tired and hungry. Dogs died one by one, and there were only five dogs survived. When BuckЎЇs stupid owner decided to cross the dangerous White River, the dogs became weaker and weaker. Hal treated them crueler. He put down whip and resorted to club. But Thornton rescued Buck, and became BuckЎЇs new owner. Under ThorntonЎЇs considerate care, Buck became fatter and stronger. Buck lived a happy life with Thornton and his new friends again. But he worried, he worried that Thornton would disappear, like Perrault and Francois. At night he sometimes woke up and went to the tent to make sure that he was still thereЈ®

But something was changing in Buck. He had lived in the north a long time, and he was almost a wild dog. He was happy to live with Thornton, but he still was a wild animal, and his dreams were filled with other animalsЎЄdogs, half wolves, and wild wolvesЈ®They seemed to call him into the forest, and sometimes Buck wanted to leave and answer the call of wild. It was his love for Thornton that stopped him going into the forest. He was loyal to Thornton. Buck saved ThorntonЎЇs life twice.

Buck win a bet for Thornton and his friends. The money they earned



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