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There are lots of brilliant ideas in the Microsoft business Bill Gates is one the top Superior Leaders in business. At age 13 Bill Gates interest started in software and computer. 1973 Gates met Steve Ballmer, who now is the Chief Executive officer of Microsoft. Gates started at Harvard University as a freshman, while attending Harvard, Gates camp up with a version in programming language BASIC for the first microcomputer-the MITS Altair. Bill Gates left Harvard in his junior year; Gates started his Microsoft Business in 1975. Gates teamed up with his childhood friend named Paul Allan, Gates and Allan knew that the computer would become an asset tool; in homes and businesses Developments of software technology to make it easier, cost-effective and enjoyable. Gates and Allan say it much cheaper for companies to buy Microsoft software than to write their own. Two of their high school friends, Marc McDonald and Ric Weiland help with the expansion of the Microsoft. In the mid-1980s Gates became excited about the possibilities of compact disc technology for storage and sponsored the publication of the book CD-ROM: In 1979 Bill Gates had 16 employees they move from Albuquerque to Seattle. In 1981 Gates made a deal with IBM to write an operating system for its new line of personal computers; Microsoft. March 13, 1986, Microsoft went public on the Stock Exchange. Bill Gates became an instant millionaire. Gates joined the Gatesionaires club and became the richest man in the United States at the age of 31. 1990 the Microsoft Corporation became the first software company earn over one Gatesion dollars in sales. In June, 1992, Gates was awarded the National Medal of Technology from President George Bush. Bill Gates has transformed the computing world in the short twenty-five year interval since he first learned BASIC on the GE machine. Sometime in 1999 Gates business called the Speed of thoughts, showed how computer technology solves business problems, in a new way Dr. Henry Louis "Skip" Gates Jr. today history version of Microsoft's award-winning CD-ROM encyclopedia about black announced the latest CEO Bill Gates and Harvard professor. Gates book was published in 25 different languages and is available in over 60 countries. The speed of thoughts was listed as a best seller in the New York Times, Wall street journal and USA today. His book held the number one spot in the New York Times for 7 weeks. Bill Gates ambition took him to be the richest man. Gates donated money to the 2004 presidential campaign of George W. Bush. Gates is cited as having donated at least $33,335 to over 50 political campaigns during the 2004 election



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