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Reflection Paper

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In my 3 years in CPU, I really think that this year’s summer class was a hell of a ride. It really challenged me in balancing my time especially in dealing with my academics responsibilities. Sometimes, I had to sleep at 2am just to finish reading my business law and taxation notes and wake up at 6am to fulfill my duties as a trainee in Land bank. At 3pm, I had to go back to CPU to fulfill my duties as a student. Dealing with this exhausting schedule was both a challenge and a sacrifice.

My journey in this subject was really tough. While having discussions, I had to deal with sleepiness due to exhausting schedule, improper allocation of time, and coldness of the air-conditioner. I also had to struggle in reading while understanding the lessons because of being tired from 12 hours of busy schedule. But at the end of the day, that’s part of a student’s life. As someone said, “A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor.” This really gave me the motivation to wake up every morning, to read every lesson in advance, and to treat every day as a challenge that would make me a well-rounded CPA someday.

During our first meeting in this subject, Law on Negotiable Instruments, our teacher told us that this subject was more difficult than other topics in business law. At first, I didn’t believe in her because I knew that this subject would be easier and more understandable since she was our teacher. The first topics were good and easier to understand, but it got tougher and tougher as we went along. I sometimes fell asleep which made it tougher to catch up with lessons. I had to read it in advance just to make sure I had readings if ever I fall asleep again. But as it got tougher, it also got interesting on our part.

Despite of having busy schedules, I enjoyed reading every topic in business law subjects. I realized how fun it was to learn and broaden our knowledge on the laws of the corporate world. As an accountancy student, business law helped us to be aware of different business transactions that we might encounter someday. In addition, studying business law also aided us to be more knowledgeable on things that are happening in our legal environment. But these learnings wouldn’t be possible without the help of our dear professors that made our Business Law journey more enjoyable. And after taking up three (3) business law subjects, I got interested on the thought of getting PhilSAT and pursue Law if given the chance and the luxury of time even if it was not on my future plans.  



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