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Redundant Innovations

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The clichй, "history repeats itself," is inevitably true. Time after time, one can always find a case that has a redundant error throughout history. These errors are often themes used for literary works. In Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, readers are introduced to the theme of a well-intentioned innovation rebel against society. As Shelly illustrates this theme in Frankenstein, one can find similar instances throughout history. Connections between the inventions of Victor Frankenstein, protagonist of Frankenstein, can be established with Albert Einstein, the United States CIA, Tom Anderson, and Chris DeWolfe, as all their developments have turned against society.

Shelley produced Victor Frankenstein to be a character whom posses a passion for the sciences of life and development. In the novel, Frankenstein's dream of manipulating life seemed distant, yet the endless hours Frankenstein labored experimenting aroused the innovation he fancied, thus, the monster was created. With all the effort spent on the monster, Victor Frankenstein's intensions were purposed to better society. Frankenstein was unaware of the horrid creation, and the catastrophe foredooming, while in the process of constructing the monster (Analysis 1). The following cases discussed are factual instances that can be related to that of Frankenstein's: a well-intentioned discovery rebelling against society, and thus, proving to the clichй of history repeating itself.

Albert Einstein was a physicist whom, like Frankenstein, devoted his life to sciences. Through the life of Einstein his discoveries ranged from electromagnetic energy to physics theories (Duffy 1). Out of all the inventions Einstein summoned, none can compare to his ultimate development of the atomic bomb. While living in Germany, Einstein was asked to create weapons of mass destruction for the Nazi Party by Hitler. Einstein declined to the proposal being that he was an active pacifist. Shortly after, Einstein became disgusted with the German government, and emancipated from the country. He decided to inhabit in the United States, where he'd continue to labor on his experimentations. Upon receiving his citizenship, Einstein was asked by the American government to aid in developing scare tactics for the emerging war. After months of construction, the atomic bomb was born. This weapon was made with the sole purpose to scare all threatening countries ("Albert Einstein in Brief" 2). Ultimately, the atomic bomb ended up being utilized on Hiroshima and Nagasaki ("Effects of the WWII" 1). In Frankenstein, the monster was created as an experimentation with life, with a purpose to aid in sciences, yet his revenge feelings toward Frankenstein caused the monster to bring a demise to Frankenstein's loved ones, just as the atomic bomb massacred millions of innocent lives in Japan.

The United States has been tangled in a War on Terrorism for sufficient years, with results that seem to be minute. While the corporate media has accused many Iraqi figures, such as Osama Bin Laden, to be the one's held responsible for current downfalls, the corporate media fails to include the involvement United States has with foreign threatening organizations and individuals, such as Al Qaeda. (Fahrenheit 9/11) An occurrence where the United States and Shelly are similar is with the Saddam Hussein incident. Corporate media has made Saddam Hussein a villain to Americas, with endless propaganda discussing his potential danger to our country. Fact of the matter is, Hussein is America's proper little replica of the monster in Frankenstein. "It is an indisputable fact that he [Saddam] is trash created by the United States. Saddam was almost entirely a Frankenstein creation of the CIA. This is a fact backed up by more than one US government official and documented in several books (Nimmo, 2). Saddam was trained by the United States CIA to be used for our benefit in foreign affairs. He exploited our facilities to train and learn survival tactics. After sufficient experience, Saddam was scheduled to be a member of a CIA plot. Saddam lived in Baghdad on a mission with the CIA, and while in the process of the operation, became a member to the opposing side of the team. The United States lost their miniture creation of the monster, just as Frankenstein lost the monster after his refusal to create a mate for the monster (3).

A third, and final, illustration of an invention gone madd is one of the twenty-first century. In 2004, a social networking website was developed, the infamous was invoked by two twenty-nine year old businessman, Tom Anderson and Chris DeWolfe (Kornblum 1). list its purposes are to:

Friends who want to talk Online Single people who want to meet other Singles Matchmakers who want to connect their friends with other friends Families who want to keep in touch--map your Family Tree Business people and co-workers interested in networking Classmates and study partners Anyone looking for long lost friends! (About, 1)

With these purposes, is now one of the leading websites sexual predators use to access their



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