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Redgate Software - Business Law

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Redgate software was founded by Neil Davidson and Simon Galbraith in October 1999. (redgate, 2016) ‘Red Gate Software Limited provides ingeniously simple database development tools as well as database lifecycle management, development, and database administration tools for SQL Server application; tools for .NET developers; a suite of deployment solutions for Oracle to compare schemas and data, deploy changes, and connect schemas to source control; and a suite of automation solutions for Oracle to automate comparisons and deployments. The company also offers MySQL comparison tools to compare and deploy MySQL schema or data changes; tools for Azure; and training services. The company is based in Singapore’ (Bloomberg, 2016). Redgate has won a number of awards such as in the annual 'SQL Server Magazine' awards where they captured 4gold, 2 silver and two bronze in a diverse category (Cambridge network, n.d) as well as the Sunday times top 100 companies to work for award (The Sunday Times, 2013)

The objective of this report is to analyse the way redgate functions and how its employees are motivated, why they are motivated and what makes them motivated and whether or not traditional motivational methods still work. For example, in 2009, ‘Neil Davidson, the cofounder and of Red Gate Software, in Cambridge, England eliminated commissions for his sales force, replaced them with healthy base salaries and a generous benefits package, and proceeded to watch sales climb.’ (Harvard Business Review, 2012) This shows us that the traditional way of commissions no longer motivates sales people as much as it used in the 60’s and that the modern century requires a different set of approach. The reason why motivation was chosen as an objective of this report is because motivation play an important role in deciding a company growth and survivability. It also helps reduce high turnover in companies and focuses on developing people. While authorities may prefer to build a company around strategy instead of people this cannot be done all the time as people the new ones with the required attitudes are hard to find. (Michael Goold, 2012; Andrew Campbell, 2012)

The second objective of this report is to analyse and understand the way organisational structure affects a company



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